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You get two minutes to keep as many people alive as possible!

Feed them when they are hungry! = Select the steak then click the little people to feed them

Kill the monsters with the magnifying glass! = Select the glass then hover it over the monster until it dies!

It is much harder than it looks..

This game was made in Scratch for Ludum Dare 38, April 2017. The theme was "A Small World". Our game idea was to make a small colony of people living in a cardboard box who need to be protected and fed. Originally we had other items we wanted to include but we ran out of time to do that.

Team (Scratch usernames):

@CCPlymJenson (coding)

@Jake_Creeperson (music and gameplay graphics)

@C00LSKELETON95 (start and game over screens)

Jam Site: hosted by Plymouth Game Devs, Real Ideas Org and City College game devs at Devonport Guildhall, Plymouth, UK.

Converted to .swf using the converter at http://junebeetle.github.io/converter/

Published on Scratch - https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/156791838/