In Infection! the player is an antibiotic inside a body fighting a bacterial infection. Chase down as many bacteria as you can before they kill all your cells!

Arrow keys = Move

Infection! was made for the #GamesForBetter game jam in October 2016. The theme for the jam was Antibiotic Resistance. Our team has next to no experience using Unity so these 48 hours have been a bit of a crash course!

Our game plan involved power-ups but we didn't have time to include them, so there is only one stage in our final game. Our original idea was that as time passed, some of the bacteria would evolve (starting the next stage of the game). This would be shown on screen by them doubling in size by the addition of a new part in a different colour. Somewhere in the game space a matching colour power up would appear, this represents a more powerful/different type of antibiotic. The player-antibiotic would not be able to kill bacteria without finding and collecting the correct coloured power-up. The bigger size would make the bacteria more dangerous.

The game never spawns new cells so the goal is to kill as many bacteria as possible. The idea was to show that by using antibiotics we can kill some bacteria but others always evolve past what we can deal with. It is supposed to make us think about how using antibiotics can make things worse because the evolved bacteria cause more damage.

Thank you to Jack from @SoGoodStudios and Oli from @SizeableGames for support throughout the Jam.